This is a nonprofit organization and purpose of the club is to promote inters in the conservation of wildlife and for the social entertainment of the members and their family.


Officers of Little Buck Hunting Club shall consist of President, Vice- President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The office of Secretary and Treasure may be one office held by one person serving as both secretary and treasurer. The said officers shall serve for the period of one year beginning June 1st and ending May 31st the following year.

There shall be a board of directors to be composed of seven members of the LBHC. The President, Vice President, and the Secretary, and the Treasure shall be (4) of the seven board members. One additional member is recommended for an alternate. Election of officers will be held annually at the first club meeting doing business before the next hunting year.


  1. You shall be authorized to promulgate rules and regulations governing the conduct of hunters while hunting on the premises of LBHC.
  2. You shall be authorized to access the members annually for amounts necessary to defray the expenses of the operations for that year.
  3. You shall be authorized to acquire and participate in obtaining the services of a game warden to enforce the game laws of the State, and the rules and regulations of LBHC.
  4. The responsibility for the directions of the club, planning of hunts, decisions affecting policies, maintenance of order during hunts on club property is vested in the board of directors of the club, or their appointed representatives.
  5. You must see to the solvency of the club as the first priority each year. The leases for the year will be paid in full before any projects that require money be implemented.



  1. In no event shall members of LBHC exceed (18) active members. Honorary members shall be determined by the board of directors.

  1. Prospective new members, upon application, shall be approved or disapproved by the board of directors, and the event of approval said application shall be submitted to the membership for final approval. If a quorum (at least 1/3 membership) of members is present, a 4/5 majority of the members assembled can approve the application for the membership. In the event the applicant is approved, he may become a member of LBHC, and shall be subject to the constitution and by-laws of LBHC. A prospective membership list will be maintained by the secretary of names submitted.

  1. We will hold the first meeting of the new hunt year on or close as possible to the first weekend of May.

  1. Membership dues will be the sum of twelve hundred and fifty dollars ($1250.00) for each year. Half will be due on May 1st of each calendar year and delinquent after June 1st. Dues may vary year to year according to the expenses of the club.

  1. Dues may be paid in two payments the first payment is due by May 1st. If the first payment is not on time there will be a fifty dollar ($50) late fee. The final payment is due no later than June 1st. If the totals of dues are not paid by July 1st there will be a one hundred dollar ($100) late fee. New members getting in the club late will be excluded from this fee.

  1. Each member will have to be invited back into the club each year by the board of directors. If you receive a club letter or phone text or call to the May meeting you are invited back.

  1. In the event that a member of LBHC knowingly or willfully violates the game laws of the State of Alabama or the game laws of LBHC while hunting on club property, or violates the constitution and bylaws, such violation shall be reviewed by the board of directors and their decision shall be final.

  1. It will be the duty of each member to report any member or guest found in violation of the Alabama state game laws or the rules and regulations of LBHC, first to the president and if not present then any member of the board of directors

  1. Changes in the by-laws and or the rules and regulations of the club made by the majority of the board of directors in a duly called meeting will be final and binding on the membership.


The following rules apply to all members of LBHC members and guest hunting on club property.

  1. HUNT SAFLEY! Hunter orange must be worn at all times while hunting on the property of LBHC.

  1. Memberships include member’s immediate family, wife and their children, grandchildren under the age of (21) twenty one still living at home and in school. All others shall be considered as guests. Members only may invite guests.


  1. All members are limited to (8) guest days per year.  Members and guest must have LBHC membership and guest membership card on their persons at all times.                                                                                                                                   

  1. All members are limited to (2) two guests on all hunts per day. Guest days may be used for (4) individual days or one guest may hunt a five consecutive day hunt for the sum of $150.00 or one day at $30.00.  If a guest has killed a deer by the fourth day, his hunt is over and the fifth day will not be a refund.

  1. Children under 16 hunting by him or herself will be considered a guest, and must pay guest fee. Guest under the age of sixteen that kills 5pt or smaller, will have to use said member’s child’s legal buck. In order for children 15 and under to hunt alone in an adjacent stand they must have completed the Alabama Hunters Safety Course.

  1. Guest fees must be paid in full before each hunt to the guest drop box or one of the officers. No hunting before guest fees is paid.

  1. No guests are allowed to hunt on opening weekends of deer or turkey season.

  1. The guest of a member has to hunt in an adjacent stand of that member, and has to be accompanied by the member. ( Two Stand limit )

  1. Only those members and their guest who have paid the membership dues, guest fees, will be granted hunting rights unless previous arrangements have been made by board of directors.

  1. Each member shall be responsible for the conduct of his or her quest.

  1. Hunting by guest, unless accompanied by a club member, is prohibited.

  1. Hunting season will be open each year on the club property to coincide with Alabama Stated Game laws and accordance with club hunting rules.

  1. Any member who has been asked to resign for violations of any club rules will not be allowed on any future hunts at LBHC.

  1. All precautionary measures will be exercised by club members and their guests, to prevent forest fires and to protect are timber and trees.

  1. The consumption of alcoholic beverages does increase the chance of hunter accidents, therefore any member or guest observed under the influence of alcohol or drugs during a hunt shall be reported to the board of directors immediately.

  1. Always know what you are shooting and who or what maybe in the area before shooting.

  1. Noise will be held to a minimum while moving to and from stands.

  1. Members are to study maps and be familiar with roads, stands, trails, and boundary lines, etc. All hunting areas are open to all hunters. Members will honor all property boundary lines.

  1. Club property shall be kept free of debris and other litter.

  1. Roads shall be kept in good shape by not making any unnecessary ruts during extremely wet weather. Drive slowly and avoid bad areas.

  1. Members and guest, who stalk/stand hunt must go by the club house checking station, sign in and out. Sign in times are:   for AM hunts, prior day at hunts, same day at . If a hunter wishes to stay all day and not come out he or she may sign in for the morning hunt AM/PM. If more than one hunter chooses to hunt the same stand there must be a coin toss at the sign in time to determine who hunts said stand. Before any pins are pulled all hunters must be out and accounted for. If a member signs out for stand on AM hunt and does not wake up and go there will be a fine of $25.00 for tying down that stand.

  1. There will be a limit of four (4) days to continuously hunt or sign out for a stand or area. A member and his guest are counted as one. Example: You can’t sign out for a stand four times then sign your guest out for the same stand four times. If two members wish to hunt the same stand then there will be a coin toss to determine who hunts said stand.

  1. There will be no rabbit hunting on LBHC during deer season with dogs.

  1. Each member is required to work a minimum of four scheduled work days prior to the beginning of hunting season unless otherwise determined by the board of directors. If a member cannot work on the scheduled work days and does not make arrangements to work other days in lieu thereof, they will be assessed a seventy-five dollar fine for each day not worked. Members are allowed to work another members work days. One of the four days is a mandatory plant day.

  1. Work days start at sharp and end at .

  1. Any member whom uses farm equipment or heavy equipment will be given credit for two days for each day worked with said equipment only. Any two members can join together and build a four by five wooden shooting house and it will count for his or her three work days. In this case the house will become sole property of LBHC.
  2. The secretary and treasurer will count his or her duties as three regular work days.
  3. Any member or his or her guests whom signs out for an area to hunt on the previous day and does not come back to hunt will be assessed a fine of twenty five dollars ($25.).

  1. Members should be considerate to the hunting club and not drive vehicles (cars,trucks,jeeps,) to a stand if it is muddy. A hunter should be considerate and not pass through an area that another hunter is hunting without mutual agreement. Also hunters should stay in their area rather than returning early and disrupting another hunter.

  1. No vehicles of any kind are allowed on food plots after planting.

  1. The last member to leave the club is responsible for turning off the water at the meter in front of the clubhouse.

  1. Members staying at the club are responsible for taking home any trash, and turning off water.

  1. In the event where a member decides not to renew his or her membership the following year, he or she may not return as a guest until the second year.

Note: In an event the majority of the members desire a special dog hunt, separate club rules covering said hunt will be prepared by the members.


  1. Members are to go by all State of Alabama Game laws and those rules and regulations of LBHC.

  1. The first deer taken with a rifle (with the exception of flintlocks) has to be either a doe or buck with a minimum of (6) six points. After the first buck it will be eight points or better. Each point must be big enough to hang a ring on it. There will be a fine of ($100) one hundred dollars for any deer that douse not measure up.

  1. Does and antler less deer are to weigh the minimum of (70lbs) seventy pounds. If an antler less deer weighs less than sixty pounds, there will be a fine of one hundred dollars ($100) first offense ($250) 2nd offense and out of the club on the third offence. This rule applies for members, their children and guest.

  1. An antler less deer is a doe or a buck with one inch or less horns. The horn or antler is to be measured by placing a ruler on the inside of each horn with the ruler held firmly against the skull. If the antler is greater than one inch there will be a one hundred dollar fine ($100)

  1. Any member, whom has a Child, Grand-Child, or Nephew under (16) sixteen years of age, may disregard LBHC legal deer rules(with exception of weight rule) and take a doe and buck of choice off a green field a year according to Alabama State Game Laws without being assessed a fine. ( After doing so they must go by regular LBHC rules and start with (6) six point or better)

  1. Bow season only. All members should abide by Alabama State Game Laws with the exception of no spikes can be arrowed. After gun season starts, LBHC gun rules are in effect for bows.

  1. If you spot a cankered deer or one with sores on it, discuss and post it at the club house to decide whether or not to take the deer.

  1. Does are not to be shot on food plots or out of food plot stands with the exception of bows during bow season and children. (Rule # 5).

  1. No does will be taken after December 31st with the exception of kids under the age of (16) whom have never taken a deer before

  1. Fines: All fines will be first fine $100.00, second fine $250.00, Third fine you will be terminated from the club, with the exception of the $25.00 for not hunting after signing out the previous day.


There is a special sign out map for turkey hunting with larger sign out areas. The same rules apply for deer and turkey with these exceptions:

  1. If you have signed out for an area and decide to change areas, you can flag out to another area. To flag out you have to leave your area at the entrance point and enter the flagged out area at its entrance point. Either leave a flag (handkerchief or rag), or your vehicle at the cable letting others know that you are in that area.

  1. All turkey hunters are to enter and leave their area at the designated entrance points.

  1. No flagging out is allowed on weekends. If you change areas on weekends you must return to the clubhouse and sign out of one area and into another area.

  1. Any member or guest who signs out for an area on the previous day and does not show up to hunt will be assessed a twenty five ($25.00) dollar fine.

  1. A member will only be allowed one Jake turkey, with a ($100) fine for each additional Jake. A Jake being a turkey with less than a four inch beard. If your guest kills a Jake it is considered yours.


· Dumping of trash is prohibited. Bring it back to camp or take it home.

· The cutting of firewood other than from designated areas is prohibited.

· The clearing of food plots areas must be approved by the leaser

· If everyone uses common sense, respects his fellow hunter, and cooperates with one another we will have a safe and successful club.











Safety:              ALL MEMBERS